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8 Ways for Admins to Release the Power of PyxisEdu

Posted by Brad Fischer on November 15, 2018

Untitled design-5Your school has a shiny new PyxisEdu subscription. Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step in providing your teachers a personalized approach to professional development! As a building leader, you understand the powerful benefits that PyxisEdu provides for your teachers. You know about the resources rooted in strong pedagogy, the professional growth tracking, and the digital badging that helps your teachers display their strengths and interests. You can’t wait to see how your staff uses this new program to amplify their professional learning.

You take a moment to showcase the new resource to your staff. The teachers immediately appreciate the intuitive interface of Pyxis and are impressed with the quality and quantity of resources. You walk away feeling confident that all your staff will leverage this tool to grow professionally and love being able to use it anytime, anywhere they want.  But, what if they don’t take advantage of it? After all, teachers are busy and already juggle numerous online resources geared toward their students’ learning. What if they think of this tool as just “one more thing?”

The key to getting staff buy-in and the most mileage from Pyxis is helping them see that this is not just another tool that adds to their plate. This platform is really about saving time! It shouldn’t be just another “thing” that you are doing. PyxisEdu is the tool that helps you more efficiently and effectively accomplish what you are already doing!

How can you rally your team and get everyone jazzed for some awesome learning? The PyxisEdu team has your back. Here are eight ideas of how to leverage Pyxis that will ultimately save your staff time, while at the same time cultivating a culture of lifelong learning in your school.

1. Compliance Issues
Ensure teachers watch videos that are mandatory, such as bloodborne pathogens or school safety procedures.
Sample Expectation: All staff must watch a district-created collection on Bloodborne Pathogens and School Safety procedures
2. District Focus Areas
Ensure teachers are informed on certain topics, such as formative assessments or having students reflect on their learning. Sample Expectation: All staff must watch the collection Universal Design for Learning, a focus area for our district this year.
3. Program Focus Areas
Ensure teachers are informed on certain program requirements for Special Education, High Ability, etc.
Sample Expectation: All staff must watch the district-created collection on Special Education: Teacher Requirements
4. Personal Goals
Ask teachers to use Pyxis to find strategies and tools that will help them reach their personal goals.
Sample Expectation: All staff must set a personal professional goal on topic they hope to learn more about and try this school year. Staff should obtain at least 120 Pyxis points in pursuing that goal.
5. Daily Routines/Practices
Use Pyxis to capture and leverage your own internal experts.
Sample Expectation: All staff must create one video on something that might help others that we can put into Pyxis (under 5 mins in length) Examples: How to use copy machine, Ideas for keeping track of calculators from walking away in the classroom, etc.
6. New Staff Training
Quickly get new staff up to speed on G Suite, other tools and practices, and on our focus areas.
Sample Expectation: All new staff must watch the district-created New Staff Orientation collection. 
7. Lesson Planning
Establish a central place for teachers to find resources and strategies to improve their lesson plans.  
Sample Expectation: All staff must identify at least 3 tools and/or strategies that they learned about from PyxisEdu.
8. Change Initiatives
Establish a central place for teachers to review new initiatives, such as a Chromebook rollout 1:1 information.
Sample Expectation: All staff must watch district-created collection that summarizes the necessary procedures for our 1:1 rollout.

Comment below to let us know how you use PyxisEdu with your district! We’d love to hear from you!

Are you looking for even more ideas for celebrating professional growth with your teachers? Download a FREE PDF that outlines 10 additional ways to promote PyxisEdu in your building!

Copy of Administrator’s Guide for Releasing the Power of Pyxis


Topics: professional development, administrators, personalized learning

Written by Brad Fischer