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A Solution for Tracking Indiana's Graduation Pathways

Posted by Adam Jones on January 4, 2019

Indiana’s graduation pathways empower students to focus their efforts in high school on a range of careers while acknowledging that there are multiple ways to demonstrate postsecondary readiness. Overall, this initiative promises to bring significant benefits to students, families, schools, and communities. However, counselors and administrators may be left wondering how they will track every student’s pathway considering there are so many options. That’s why the Pivot team has developed an intuitive solution with several time-saving benefits.

One Form for All Pathways

A graduation pathway is made up of three required components: earning a high school diploma, completing an employability skills experience, and demonstrating postsecondary-ready competencies. The guidance document provided by the Indiana Department of Education outlines options for meeting each requirement. To make the tracking process as easy as possible, Pivot consolidates all of these options into a single form for each student, allowing timely updates as needed.

Access to Relevant Data

Any information stored in Pivot’s Data Warehouse (e.g., ISTEP+, ILEARN, PSAT, SAT, and ACT results) will appear in a student’s graduation pathway plan. By simply navigating to the “Data” tab, counselors and other stakeholders can see if college- and career-readiness benchmarks have been met. Access to this data can reduce the need to consult online spreadsheets and paper results.

Making Notes and Documenting Progress

The “Notes” and “Progress” tabs within a Pivot graduation pathway plan enable teachers, counselors, and other stakeholders to document important interactions over time. For example, the “Notes” tab can be used to record information about a family meeting focused on service-based learning opportunities. Meanwhile, the “Progress” tab can be used to highlight academic results related to a career and technical education (CTE) concentration. This information remains available to all educators who serve a student according to a school’s SIS, making the transfer of important context seamless throughout a student’s time in high school.

In addition, counselors and other stakeholders can upload documents that reflect experiences and achievements related to a student’s graduation pathway. For example, a letter from a student’s supervisor might be relevant to the completion of a work-based learning experience. Similarly, a short video or slide presentation might serve as evidence for a project-based learning experience. By allowing various artifacts to be uploaded, Pivot enables the creation of a rich picture of a student’s progress.

Exporting the State-Required Graduation Report

Each year, schools must submit a graduation report to the Indiana Department of Education. We’ve formatted the export file for our own graduation report to perfectly align with the state’s expectations. In other words, generating this critical report takes only a few clicks.

If you’re interested in seeing the Pivot Graduation Pathways Tracker in action, please watch this video overview. It’s less than 10 minutes, and it clearly highlights the time-saving benefits of our solution.

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Written by Adam Jones

Director of Product Strategy
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