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Adam Jones

Director of Product Strategy
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A Solution for Tracking Indiana's Graduation Pathways

Posted by Adam Jones on January 4, 2019

Indiana’s graduation pathways empower students to focus their efforts in high school on a range of careers while acknowledging that there are multiple ways to demonstrate postsecondary readiness. Overall, this initiative promises to bring significant benefits to students, families, schools, and communities. However, counselors and administrators may be left wondering how they will track every student’s pathway considering there are so many options. That’s why the Pivot team has developed an intuitive solution with several time-saving benefits.

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The Promise of Indiana's Graduation Pathways

Posted by Adam Jones on December 20, 2018

Over the last several months, Indiana legislators and policymakers wisely amended the requirements for high school graduation to better reflect the varied and valid pathways that students pursue as adults. Rather than mandating that all students pass the same high-stakes standardized assessments to earn a diploma, students are now free to demonstrate their postsecondary readiness in ways that better reflect their interests and goals.

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Computer-Adaptive Tests vs. Fixed-Form Assessments

Posted by Adam Jones on February 21, 2018

As technology makes adaptive testing easier than ever, do fixed-form assessments still have a role? K-12 education leaders, especially assessment and curriculum directors, must make difficult choices regarding which screeners, diagnostics, formative assessments, and summative exams to use. By comparing the benefits and drawbacks of computer-adaptive testing and fixed-form assessments, it’s possible to select the right tool for the right job.

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A Smarter, More Efficient, and More Powerful Pivot: Introducing Version 2.2

Posted by Adam Jones on July 27, 2017

Over the last several months, we’ve carefully considered our customers’ feedback and thoughtfully designed a smarter, more efficient, and more powerful version of Pivot. We’re proud to announce the release of version 2.2.

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Are You Prepared for a Great Year of Staff Evaluations?

Posted by Adam Jones on June 28, 2017

While some people believe that teachers spend their summers lounging on the beach all day, the truth is that great educators are using much of their time away from school to revise their curriculum for the upcoming year. June and July are when educators attend conferences, plan new learning activities for their students, and reflect on ways they can improve their practice. In other words, summer isn’t just a break.

This is true for administrators, too.

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5 Reasons Your School Needs a Data Warehouse

Posted by Adam Jones on April 20, 2017

What do you think of when you hear the word data? Do you envision numbers rapidly scrolling on a computer screen like in The Matrix? Or of spreadsheets with endless rows and columns filled with figures and formulas? Even worse, maybe the word is anxiety-inducing because you’ve heard the phrases data-driven instruction and data-driven decision-making a few too many times.

What do you think of when you hear the word warehouse? Do you imagine forklifts carrying pallets of cardboard boxes across dusty concrete floors? Or a place where things go to be stored, perhaps indefinitely?

Despite some of these connotations, a data warehouse designed for educators is a platform for exploring questions tied to improving teaching and learning. A data warehouse built for teachers should bring together multiple sources of student information so that strengths and areas for improvement become clear. Any single source of information is likely insufficient to draw conclusions. But by storing, sorting, and synthesizing summative, diagnostic, and formative assessment results, a data warehouse can help educators identify problems and solutions more effectively and efficiently.

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5 Steps for Turning Assessment Results into Meaningful Actions

Posted by Adam Jones on April 12, 2017

Formative vs. Summative Assessment

Rick Wormeli, a leading thinker in the world of assessment, has written, “It’s not the format that makes an assessment formative or summative; it’s when we give the assessment and how we use the data from it that makes it formative or summative.” Here’s another way to think about it: If an assessment is used for summative purposes, students likely will not receive actionable feedback. But if an assessment is used for formative purposes, results are critically analyzed, and a student is provided specific guidance on how to refine and re-apply the skill being measured.

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