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eCoaches: Here's why you need PyxisEdu!

Posted by Molly Rupert on October 19, 2018

Ah, the life of an eCoach. You are the cheerleader, the champion, the confidant, and the caretaker. At the beginning of the day, you're a hero for fixing a Kahoot crisis, but by lunch time, you're sorting through emails of frustration about the district's new LMS. Your day is a wild roller coaster ride of highs and lows, of twists and curves and near misses. Many of you were classroom teachers before stepping into this role, and you experience the same cycles of frustration and pride that you did in your own classrooms.

As an eCoach, you’ve shifted your teaching style to support adult learners. You know that they are busy. Stressed. Skeptical, perhaps. One of your biggest challenges is meeting the needs of learners who come to you with varying degrees of background knowledge in and enthusiasm for the topic (hmmm...sound familiar to those classroom days?). You have to blend promoting the school’s technology vision with addressing the concerns and curiosity that lead each teacher down a unique edtech journey.


How can you personalize the professional development experience to achieve this balance? Enter PyxisEdu!

PyxisEdu allows teachers to have a personalized learning experience by searching for interesting and relevant topics. With more than 1,000 resources curated and created by our team of licensed educators (who have a combined total of more than 200 years of teaching experience!), teachers can explore websites, videos, and articles that answer the questions they want answers to -- right now. Teachers are busy (very, very busy), but they can turn to PyxisEdu whenever it is convenient for them: Any time. Any place.

eCoaches are busy, too, and PyxisEdu gives you the ability to add resources and collections (groups of resources that focus on a specific topic) specific to your district. So, when you are planning a new initiative or tech training, you can curate your best materials and make them available to teachers. As teachers complete resources, they’ll earn Pyxis Points for every minute spent learning. You can track their progress and assign badges based on completion!

badges pyxis

You can even create personalized paths for teachers based on interests and comfort levels! Maybe you offer three different tracks: Classroom Management in a 1:1 Environment, The Best Collaboration Tools and Strategies, and Digital Formative Assessment 101. Teachers could choose the topic that most interests them and fits their current needs. Or, you could offer the same topic - GSuite, for example - at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

Currently, there are more than 80 hours of public content available, and teachers have spent more than 20,000 hours learning in PyxisEdu! An entire team of innovative learning specialists is working to add even more awesome Google, STEM/Computer Science, and tech tool resources to create a robust learning platform for your teachers!

Instead of herding everybody into the cafeteria after school to learn about Chromebooks, or the latest tech tool, or classroom management, allow teachers to tap into your resources when they are ready to engage with a new topic. This lets you focus your energy on answering their questions, modeling the strategies they are learning about, and researching best practices. As an added bonus, teachers will appreciate the freedom to pursue their professional development when it makes sense for them.  

Ready to join the PD Revolution? Learn more about how PyxisEdu can complement the awesome work you are doing in your building or district. Fill out the form below to receive more information or schedule a free demo!


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Written by Molly Rupert

School Engagement Specialist
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