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Lead Like The Easter Bunny Part 2: Is Your Organization Running at Optimal Performance?

Posted by Brad Fischer on April 25, 2019


Now that you are Leading Like the Easter Bunny, I offer four more tips and sample questions for reflection that will help ensure you are getting the most from your team:

Time Should Be Treasured

What you are able to accomplish as an organization is largely a function of where you are able to focus your time and energy. Therefore, you do not want your team chewing up critical time with trivial tasks that can be automated or done more efficiently.

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  1. Does your team leverage modern tools like Google Meet for video conferencing and Google appointment slots to schedule meetings?
  2. Are you able to tailor professional development to each person’s interests, needs, and availability? Do you have a platform or place where teachers can easily review videos on student safety and security (like bloodborne pathogens), operational procedures (like how to use a new copy machine), and instructional best practices (like how to make a classroom more student-centered)?

Measurement Matters

Being busy is not the same thing as being productive. Even a kicking donkey looks busy. Being productive is about accomplishing important tasks that align to the overall goals and objectives of your organization. 

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  1. Do teachers have tools that let them quickly create assessments for students using banks of questions that have been carefully crafted and studied and a process for analyzing students’ learning growth?
  2. Do administrators have a tool to quickly create data dashboards and use those regularly in meetings to guide decisions?

Security is Sacred

One of the first responsibilities that we have as educators is the safety and security of all students. Students must feel both physically and emotionally safe before they are able to learn. Schools increasingly face new concerns and threats with both physical and cybersecurity.

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  1. As a leadership team, do you regularly discuss both physical and cybersecurity threats?
  2. Are your policies and procedures and platforms to address physical and cybersecurity regularly updated?


Culture is King

A positive work culture is the engine that drives innovation, empowerment, and meaningful change. A poor work culture can destroy the best ideas and leave everyone feeling injured. A culture of innovation often is built on four foundations: curiosity, agency, risk-taking, and collaboration.

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  1. Does your team reward thoughtful failure?
  2. Does your team regularly change up visible spaces such as front offices, teachers’ lounges, and district offices to inspire creativity?



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Written by Brad Fischer