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New Google CS First Workshops Available!

Posted by Adam Jones on August 20, 2019

Over the last several months, Five-Star Technology Solutions has partnered with Google to lead workshops across the United States focused on empowering educators to take advantage of CS First, a free computer science curriculum. Building on the success of this program, Google recently announced Code with Google, a set of activities and opportunities for students in third grade through college. It’s clearer than ever that Google is committed to helping all students - whether they’re interested in art, game design, science, or storytelling - to learn valuable computer science skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. 


For these reasons and more, we are proud to announce that our partnership with Google is going to the next level! In addition to our introductory CS First workshops, we now offer an advanced workshop focused on subject integration. Designed to help instructional leaders make the most of the vast resources provided by Google CS First, this training will focus intently on classroom application of computer science activities to engage students in any of the content areas. To help you decide which workshop would be best for your team, please review the information below.


CS First - Workshop 1

CS First - Workshop 2

Experience Level of Participants


Intermediate or Advanced


  • Review the CS First curriculum
  • Test drive a CS First class from a student and teacher perspective
  • Develop an action plan for teaching CS First
  • Debrief previous uses of CS First resources
  • Explore advanced methods for implementing CS First
  • Revise CS First action plan to include more rigor and innovation





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STEM, STEAM, and computer science are transforming expectations and practices in K-12 schools and beyond. If you’re interested in learning how Five-Star Technology Solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve and prepare your students for the future, please contact us using the form below!


Written by Adam Jones

Director of Product Strategy
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