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Personalized PD at its Finest: The True Story of PyxisEdu and Mishawaka Schools

Posted by Caity Stockstell on December 7, 2018

PyxisEdu is our “go-to” professional learning platform at Mishawaka Schools. PyxisEdu is a professional learning platform that has 201 content categories with 593 videos, 513 other learning resources, and 60 collections/units. Content is created by a group of edtech pros that are 25+ licensed educators with 60+ edtech certifications and 200+ school years. Teachers in Mishawaka Schools use it to harness the power of technology to move from theory to practice and fuel any time learning. PyxisEdu has professional learning resources for everyone such as blended learning, using G-Suite, telling stories digitally with Book Creator, or using Skype to invite guest speakers into your classroom. Most importantly, however, is the fact that at the core of this platform is learning. PyxisEdu is grounded in a strong learning theory that goes beyond just integrating education technology. Our teachers immerse themselves in resources like learning style theories, universal design for learning, and leadership strategies while getting credit for their learning with the PyxisEdu Professional Growth Point (PGP) tracker.

Motivation to use this learning platform is easy, especially since PyxisEdu is user-friendly and chalked full of amazing “implement in your classroom the next day” resources! One of the teachers’ favorite motivational methods is the running of “PyxisEdu Challenges”. These challenges are created by Mishawaka Schools and run during breaks such as spring, summer, or winter break. The challenges consist of a specific time frame with multiple ways to win such as the teacher who…

  • earns the most Pyxis points

  • is the most consistent

  • engages the most interesting learning resources

Winners of the challenges are either given a cash prize such as $75 or a gift bag full of freebies we have collected from various conferences or vendors. On average, we have about 50-75 teachers participate and log over 120 hours total. We use Canva to create appealing advertisements and announcements about the progress of the challenge. Mishawaka Summer '18 Challenge Graphic

Another way we motivate teachers to use PyxisEdu is through our personalized learning pathways. Once a month, our amazing teacher leader group, Partners-in-Tech, facilitate personalized professional learning at their school. Teachers are given the opportunity to learn what they want and how they want at their own pace. One of the pathway options always includes PyxisEdu. Teachers use the PyxisEdu platform to learn about topics such as blended learning, engaging students through podcasting, or transforming learning experiences with student choice. Not only do teachers engage with the resources on PyxisEdu, but they reflect on their learning by sharing and collaborating through different learning management systems such as Canvas or Google Classroom.

In addition to the quality resources already curated on the platform, district administrators have the ability to add additional resources. We have uploaded webinars, informational articles, guides, and specific websites. With the use of the PyxisEdu Professional Growth Point (PGP) tracker, educators get credit for going above and beyond. In the summer months, we have educators create “tech chats” that focus on a specific tool or technology integration then we post it on PyxisEdu to share with all educators!


Pyxis - Teacher Clarity Resources Graphic

PyxisEdu has supported the process of transforming our schools into learning communities. No longer are we bound by the four walls of our school to experience powerful professional learning. No longer do we have to scour the web in hope of finding applicable professional learning resources. PyxisEdu is our go-to learning platform that empowers educators to harness the power of technology to engage in anytime, anywhere learning!

Ready to join the PD Revolution? Learn more about how PyxisEdu can complement the awesome work you are doing in your building or district. Fill out the form below to receive more information or schedule a free demo! 


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Written by Caity Stockstell

Caity is the Curriculum Integration Specialist at Mishawaka Schools and Instructional Systems.
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