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The Teacher Diaries #summergoals

Posted by Hannegan Roseberry on July 21, 2017


I made it through another year and now summer awaits! Sure, it is only about eight weeks, but it is eight weeks without any commitments. Time for a summer goals list!

  1. Get to the gym every day. I’m already used to getting up at 5:30 a.m. on the daily, so this should be a snap! I’ll just sleep in until 6:00 and be back to make breakfast before my husband and kids even wake up. I signed up for the full year membership at the YMCA, because this new routine will certainly carry over into the new school year!
  2. Clean the house from top to bottom then keep it that way. Once I clean out every closet and room in the house, it should be a breeze to keep it up once school starts!
  3. Visit museums and talk to the kids about art, culture, literature and more at least three times a week. Summer is such a great time to really challenge the kids to think outside the box and expose them to REAL culture.
  4. Work with Billy on his math facts. He is a little behind right now, but now that I have the time and focus, I’m sure we can get him ahead of everyone else!  I wonder if you can earn high school credits in sixth grade. I’ll put that on a list to check!
  5. Get Susie excited about reading. The problem isn’t that she can’t read well, she just needs someone to take the time and find the right books.  Speaking of which…
  6. Revamp the family’s diet and nutrition! Bye-bye Lunchables and hello fresh fruits, veggies, and home-cooked, well-balanced meals on the daily!
  7. Go to the library every day. I definitely need to pick up some new reinforced book bags for all of those giant books the kids will be checking out.
  8. Spend time outside every day enjoying the sunshine, relaxing by the pool, and exercising on that brand new trampoline we just bought for the kids!
  9. Take a few hours here and there to completely revamp my teaching strategies and lesson plans for the year ahead. New year, new plans, new ideas = new ME!
  10. Take time every day just to relax and enjoy some “me time.” After the year I had, I deserve this!

Well, this is a big list, but I have a feeling this is going to be our best summer yet!

Week One

I finally got around to watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Just another one of those things that I couldn’t get to before since I’m usually prepping and grading papers all night during the week. I watched a couple of episodes, but I really don’t see what all of the fuss is about. I might give it another shot tonight. My husband keeps going to bed at the normal time, but I just can’t seem to get tired. All of this extra energy from being on summer break, I guess! This week is all about house-cleaning! This place is going to shine!

Week Two

Well, since I’ve been staying up nightly until about 5:00 a.m. (I’m through the entire fourth season of Breaking Bad - seriously, how am I just now seeing this show?!?), I haven’t quite gotten the house where I want it to be in terms of cleaning and organizing. Okay, so the piles from the kitchen table and counters are now spreading to other rooms, but I still have plenty of time to get things in order before school starts. Note to self - remind the children that they need to eat at the kitchen table (and not, literally, everywhere else in the house - geez, when did they become barnyard animals?!) and clean up after themselves or we’ll be buried alive in Goldfish cracker crumbs and dirty dishes. Oooh - another note to self - look up those healthy recipes and start incorporating them daily! And don’t forget the daily workout at the YMCA - gotta’ fit that in!

I woke up at 10:30 a.m. this morning and both of the kids were already awake and playing video games. They weren’t the educational games we agreed to, but I think there is a strong case to be made that Nintendo Mario Bros teaches a form of cooperative learning. From the looks of the rings under Billy’s eyes, I am not even confident he went to bed last night at all. I was going to make the baking soda and vinegar volcano with the kids today - summer is a great time to learn together! - but I crawled out of bed and onto the couch and fell asleep until lunch. Oops. Tomorrow’s another day!

Week Three

I think we are finally in our groove! Billy and I got through an entire multiplication worksheet, and Susie started a new book!  Sure, it was a comic book, but literature is literature, right?  We’ve decided that we are all going to go back to our “normal” bedtimes to prepare for the school year. Staying up all night watching Netflix is really interfering with my workout routine, but that’s ok! Summer is about kicking back and relaxing! This week we got out in the yard and onto that new trampoline - such great exercise! We also tried out some nutritious new recipes - okay, I burned the new recipe and Billy had to take over and do damage control. What can I say - we all know cooking has never been my strong suit. Freezer pizza is always a good fall back - we can hit the farmer’s market this weekend and make lots of salads. And I did take a bag of stuff to Goodwill = winning at life!

Week Four

As I wake up each morning it takes me at least five minutes to figure out what day of the week it is. My goal now is to make sure everyone eats breakfast before lunchtime. It is more difficult than you think. Why do fresh fruits and vegetables appear to rot the moment I bring them into the kitchen? Thank goodness we keep ramen at the ready and have a few leftover Lunchables to fill in when we need it. We leave for vacation tomorrow. I should definitely start packing, but I want to get through one more season of Breaking Bad before we leave.

Week Five

I was so stressed out getting the dogs and the house and the kids ready for vacation that it took me a few days to wind down, but what a great trip! We drove to Disney World and the beach for a few days. Sure, it was tiring, but the memories we made will last a lifetime. Luckily, I still have a couple of weeks to get rested and get everything on track before the school year begins.

Week Six

Literally, nothing happened this week. Nothing. Happened. I did nothing. Who am I?!

Week Seven

Seriously, can we just go back to school already? I don’t remember the last time I took a shower, and all I think about every day is all of the things I should be doing to get ready for next year. It is approximately 115 degrees outside, so needless to say, the most outdoor fun we're having these days is when we streak from the back door to the air-conditioned car. The trampoline is covered with leaves and other debris - so much for that routine we planned to implement where the kids would sweep it every morning. I did accomplish something this week - Breaking Bad's series finale was all I hoped it would be. At least six times a day I ask myself, “What would Walter White do in this situation?” That’s “normal” to take spiritual guidance from a Netflix character, right? After all, Breaking Bad is about a teacher. I wonder if Jesse's mom had done math with him in the summers maybe he wouldn't have gotten himself into so much trouble. 

I haven’t worked out. We’re still eating ramen and Lunchables and other freezer foods. I’ve given up on the battle over video games and books - they’ll catch up when we get back to school. I feel like a survivor, but I’m not sure what of.

Week Eight

I can’t believe it’s time to go back. I had so many goals to achieve- I can still do it! This week we went to the library and did math every day. Susie read an entire book that didn’t have any pictures and Billy got his dirty clothes in the laundry that one time! We even popped in the museum down the street for about 35 minutes - that counts, right? I went ahead and cancelled that gym membership because (let’s be honest) I’m going to be back on my feet for the next ten months, and I’ve heard that holding your bladder for up to eight hours burns a lot more calories than you think. Pulled a few all-nighters revamping those lesson plans and feel excited to meet my new students! So what if we ate snack crackers and milkshakes for lunch yesterday? So what if we’ve made more mess in the house than we’ve cleaned up? We had fun doing it, and isn’t that what summer’s all about?

Even if that 5:00 a.m. alarm clock is going to hurt a bit, I’ve realized that the school year is something to look forward to, not dread. At least our shower and sleep schedules will return to acceptable standards! Bring on the new year!

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Written by Hannegan Roseberry