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Top 5 Blog Posts from the Five-Star Team

Posted by Molly Rupert on September 17, 2019

From Google's CS First curriculum and the Pivot Data Warehouse to eLearning days and Algebra 1, the Five-Star team has shared their thoughts, ideas, and expertise on a variety of topics over the past few years. Below are a few of our readers' favorites!

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5. Google CS First: First Impressions from a Tech Integration Specialist

In this guest post, TIS Brooke Hall (@BrookeHallTIS) describes her first encounters with CS First by Google. Brooke attended a workshop to learn more about the curriculum and to discover ways to use the lessons with students. Keep Reading

4. Computer-Adaptive Tests vs. Fixed-Form Assessments

As technology makes adaptive testing easier than ever, do fixed-form assessments still have a role? K-12 education leaders, especially assessment and curriculum directors, must make difficult choices regarding which screeners, diagnostics, formative assessments, and summative exams to use. By comparing the benefits and drawbacks of computer-adaptive testing and fixed-form assessments, it’s possible to select the right tool for the right job. Keep Reading

3. Considering eLearning for Snow Days?

Many parents and school faculty are looking for ways to keep the learning going, despite inclement weather closings and delays, as the snow days pile up. eLearning Days offer an opportunity to avoid disrupted learning, develop digital communication and application skills, and keep those days from accumulating later in the year when everyone is ready for spring or summer break. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when planning for some awesome eLearning with students... Keep Reading

2. 5 Reasons Your School Needs a Data Warehouse

What do you think of when you hear the word data? Do you envision numbers rapidly scrolling on a computer screen like in The Matrix? Or of spreadsheets with endless rows and columns filled with figures and formulas? Even worse, maybe the word is anxiety-inducing because you’ve heard the phrases data-driven instruction and data-driven decision-making a few too many times. Keep Reading

1. Who Should Really Be Taking Algebra I in Middle School?

The idea that we should accelerate students' math curriculum to ensure they can complete Calculus before graduation was a trend in the early 2000's that we now are able to see the results from. Requiring students to take Algebra I in middle school has proven problematic because there are many students being accelerated without the required foundational skills for future math success. Keep Reading

Written by Molly Rupert

School Engagement Specialist
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