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3 Things That Can Help Make Digital Learning Successful

Posted by Nathan Davidson on February 21, 2020

Let’s face it. The day is rapidly approaching when every student, in every school, across the country will using a device in school. Or, for that matter, TWO devices! Many districts have already started the process of embracing this reality and shifting towards more digital learning environments.

This road has been bumpy for most, if not all, of us who are at some stage of the transition. How has this process been for you? Has it been smooth sailing? Rocky and tumultuous? A little scary? Most likely, a little of each.

Any district delving into digital learning ultimately wants to do it well. ISTE knows this and developed the Essential Conditions for Effective Technology Integration. There are fourteen essential conditions in all. Below are three key elements derived from those that must be present to establish a foundation for success.

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Is Our District Ready for 1:1?

Posted by TJ Patterson on August 18, 2016

We’re often asked by schools whether or not they’re fully prepared to deploy a 1:1 solution for students. Your district may be thinking, “What kind of devices do we use? How will we integrate these devices in the classroom?” Both of these questions require careful thought and planning.

Another question we’re often asked is whether or not a district’s network infrastructure is fully prepared to handle a 1:1 solution. You may be thinking, “Aren’t those the boxes with flashing green lights on the ceiling?” Yes, that is partially correct. The network infrastructure does consist of boxes with flashing lights, lots of wires, and even invisible radio waves flying through the air.

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