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STEM: It's All About the HOW

Posted by Sherry Gick on March 28, 2019

As an educator, there are many different trends and words that seem to make the rounds through our world of education.  The same seems to be true of “STEM” which has definitely been quite the buzz for the last 5 years or so, but is it just a trend?  

I’m here to say, it most definitely is NOT!

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Make Sure Students Do These 8 Things in your Classroom!

Posted by Adam Cole on February 13, 2017

This is the introductory post for an upcoming series about classroom activities that will help raise student engagement and create awesome learning experiences for kids!


Let’s say for a minute that, together, we do some distillation. Let’s boil down learning to what we truly need to make it happen in its most concentrated form. I will name off some of the ingredients in your average school day...Classroom? Don’t need it. Books? Don’t need those. Standards? Nope. Projectors? I don’t think so. Are you getting the picture?

The only thing a teacher truly needs to help make learning happen is a student and a relationship with that student. As teachers, the power to build relationships is always in our hands, but it isn’t always easy. One way to strengthen a relationship is by giving. As teachers we can give students experiences and opportunities that they might not ever be able to access again. In other words, we can create opportunities for learning that will go a long way in strengthening student relationships and result in deeper learning. If we focus on the right things, all of the other outside pressures and influences that we struggle with daily will fall into place.

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