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Transform Your District's PD with PyxisEdu!

Posted by Zach Dodson on March 14, 2018

PyxisEdu is professional development for teachers like you’ve never seen before! Experience personalized learning in an online environment that features easily-accessible resources grounded in solid instructional pedagogy. Our experts curate resources that are matched to your interests and provide help right when you need it. PyxisEdu keeps track of all your hard work, so when it comes time for teacher license renewal, you get credit for all those hours of growth and learning!

Have you explored our District Admin Features? We give you more ways to utilize PyxisEdu with your district and transform professional development with your staff. District Admins have extra administration options in their My Pyxis drop down menu that allow them to

Pyxis Admin Features.png
  • Create Resources for your district right inside PyxisEdu. If it has a link, is a PDF, or is a video you can put on YouTube, it can be turned into a resource!

  • Create Collections for your district easily with just a few clicks. Whether you need a collection of resources for new teachers, want to put together a collection on the basics of G Suite, or are looking to build a content related collection for a department, put all of your resources in one place with a Pyxis Collection!

  • Create Reviews to add to collections and check for understanding with your users. Reviews are short multiple choice quizzes that can be added to any collection and have a customizable threshold that has to be met to pass the review.

  • Run Reports and keep up with who in your district has completed which resources and collections. You can generate reports by user or by resource easily with our filtering options.

  • Manage Users in your district and control their user settings as well as check in on their progress.

You can learn more about PyxisEdu's District Admin features by watching this YouTube Playlist!

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Topics: professional development, education, pyxis, administrators, elearning

Written by Zach Dodson

Associate Director of Innovative Learning